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Handmade resin petri disc.
Use as a paperweight, mini desk art, or unique wall art... petri discs look great in a shadowbox frame (not included), or simply mount directly onto the wall using Command tape.

Amazing three-dimensional depth with inks suspended in clear art-grade resin.

Partially transparent.
Truly unique, no two items are ever the same!

All of my resin discs now have a second resin layer applied for a smoother, glossier final finish.

10cm diameter (4 inches)
8 - 10mm maximum depth

Discreetly signed on back.
Disc pictured is the exact item you will receive.

Clear perspex display stand also available - just add one to your order if needed.


Alcohol ink is not a lightfast product and some fading may occur in future years. Please avoid placing artwork in direct sunlight wherever possible.

This is an optional resin coaster (use at your own risk) - dents and scratches may occur from use as a coaster.

All of my artwork is unique and handmade.
If you want something similar to what you see, feel free to contact me and I can make you a piece to your own size and colour specifications.

Petri Disc - Cucumber Window (#6128)

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