I'm Asha and I'm a 38 years young fluid artist based in Staffordshire (United Kingdom)

What is a 'Multimedia Fluid Artist'? 
Currently the best way to describe my work - everything I do is fluidity based; from pouring paint, manipulating inks or casting with liquid epoxy resin.

However, my background for the past 20 years is working as a graphic designer and photographer so I also have a keen interest in creating unique imagery and using it in interesting ways... either incorporated into graphic design work, to produce art prints, or superimposing onto merchandise and giftware.

I became interested in acrylic paint pouring after seeing the work of other artists; namely the amazing Emma Lindstrom and Arthur Brouthers.
Having not painted for over five years I was keen to dive into the abstract world - oddly something I had no love for in my earlier artistic years at college and university. I caught the abstract bug HARD and have now been pouring for over three years. I am entirely self taught - though with a great deal of help and advice from various Facebook groups (a number of which I have helped to admin over the years).

Now that I've had a few years of experimenting with acrylic paint and various mediums - I feel I've arrived at my preferred current process, which produces organic textures with a more natural feel. Cellular paint effects look interesting but they are no longer my focus as I want my pours to mimic celestial bodies, constellations and the night sky.

Despite what certain brands claim - there is no such thing as non-toxic epoxy resin. The chemical reaction taking place is always dangerous to be around.

SAFETY FIRST: A respirator for organic vapours and nitrile gloves are a must! Ventilation is key!

It turns out combining science and art is a thing - who knew?

I began my epoxy journey with a sample pack of ArtResin; which led to six months of experimentation. I was keen to try painting with tinted resin as a medium - using heat to manipulate the results on canvas. I quickly realised it simply wasn't for me however; so I decided to focus on acrylic pours and using resin to finish with a clear coat instead.

These days I tend to produce larger-scale paintings so have moved away from using resin on my paintings (I prefer to use spray or brush-on varnishes instead).

However, in January 2018 I discovered a new found love of resin casting.
Josie Lewis came up with the resin petri... and I couldn't wait to get stuck in with my alcohol inks and epoxy resin. I now use GlassCast Resin exclusively (who happen to be based locally to me - what are the chances?!)

The inks are dropped directly into wet epoxy to create chemical reactions as the resin cures. The results are amazing three-dimensional special effects or ink 'blooms' which are suspended within the resin.

Once the resin cures there is still a fair amount of finishing work required - including sanding and trimming excess resin, and often sanding and re-coating each piece to finish.
I prefer to market my resin petris as art pieces so they can be appreciated in all their beauty. Lately I have been framing the majority of my work so that it can be displayed at its best.

My methods are generally quite scientific in nature but there is a high degree of unexpected results with this process. This blend of 'Chemistry Art' is a rewarding release, therapeutic and amazingly addictive! 

Art happens in my spare time at the moment as I also have a busy day job keeping me occupied.
I've recently also started an apprenticeship in tattooing, a goal I've had for a long time... so I'll be working hard for the next few years finding the right balance between work and art. Ultimately the goal is for art to BECOME work eventually  ;)

I certainly prefer painting on a larger-scale and I'm aiming to work on 3-4 foot paintings for the foreseeable future, with a particular focus on hand-painted trees over my pours. I like to stand out from the crowd and put my own stamp on things; combining a little realism with abstract pours is my way of doing acrylic pours a little differently.

I've only recently ventured into the world of prints but would like to build on this and further develop my macro photography skills. This will likely involve a camera and lighting equipment upgrade at some point and possibly a shift in focus to paint cells and more intricate paint reactions.
I'd like to move into producing la
rge-scale Giclée prints which could also be used to create bespoke furniture pieces as well as limited edition framed fine art.

My resin projects involve further technique experimentation - there are numerous effects that can be achieved and I have yet to try them all!
My Etsy resin store has not yet fully launched so I will soon be concentrating on photographing numerous smaller giftware items - including keychains and fridge magnets. I'm always on the look-out for interesting new silicone moulds to work with and have my sights set on trinket bowls and trays, succulent plants pots and incense holders next.

I'll also be sure to film my working processes more in future (now that I have a good tripod!) so do keep an eye on my social media channels! :)

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