I am a multimedia fluid artist based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.  I have been experimenting with flowing abstract techniques for the past 4 years, although I have over 20 years experience as a graphic designer and photographer. More recently I have expanded into illustration and am now also learning how to tattoo.


My speciality is acrylic poured paintings, single pours on either canvas or wood using acrylic paints mixed with various pouring mediums.  I am entirely self taught - though with a great deal of help and advice from various Facebook groups (a number of which I have helped to admin over the years).


My methods are very scientific and result in fluid artworks which are truly organic and random in nature - no two pieces are ever alike.  This blend of ‘chemistry art’ is a rewarding release, therapeutic and amazingly addictive! All my pieces are completely unique and impossible to replicate (no matter how hard I try!)

Asha Tank in the studio

I originally became interested in acrylic paint pouring after seeing the work of other artists; namely the amazing Emma Lindstrom and Arthur Brouthers.

Having not painted for over five years I was keen to dive into the abstract world - oddly something I had no love for in my earlier artistic years at college and university. I caught the abstract bug  and future plans include experimenting with texture in large-scale abstract works.


Now that I've had a few years of experimenting with acrylic paint and various mediums - I feel I've arrived at my preferred current process, which produces organic textures with a more natural feel.
Cellular paint effects look interesting but they are no longer my focus as I want my pours to mimic celestial bodies, constellations and the night sky.
With my most recent works I am concentrating on combining abstract with realism; further embellishing my pours with hand-painted tree landscapes.

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